Seasoned Advisory

Seasoned Advisory Specializes In The Following Offerings:

Seasoned Advisory is a consulting firm emerging from its investment parent company Seasoned Capital. The entity is made of ‘seasoned’ business leaders with extensive experience across industries.

In our journey in the world of investment, particularly in big fund managers, we have realized capital is looking for worthy/qualifying opportunities where they may commit those funds.

Secondly, value trap locked in holding investment companies with assets’ true value not reflected in their holdings. That’s how Seasoned Advisory was born to provide solutions in this regard as we have pedigree in creating value for companies.

We are at the intersection of capital flow – we operate on the other segment between Financial Institutions and the Market.


Financial Advisory

We work with Fund Managers and Financial Institutions to identify companies that needs investments or debt to fund their growth, this can be either organic or by acquisitions.

We also provide unbiased and independent advisory services to companies that require to fund raise more capital for growth, but want to positions themselves to be more successful in their fund raising and sourcing of the requisite funds.

We work with companies who require capital to prepare and position them to be eligible to be financed, and then source the funds.


Value Unlock

Seasoned Advisory assists holdings and investment companies to realize value from underlying assets. We find that most companies have great assets under holding companies, but these assets are not growing at market attractive rates, because of many reasons. Our job is to assist management to find growth attributing assets, that can be acquired to increase value of the underlying assets, giving institution options to accelerate growth of the group, or spin off the entity on its own.

We also advise in improving business models, to be much more efficient and effective to provide better returns to shareholders.

We conduct a study into these companies and their assets to determine whether their worth matches, for those who don’t we start a process to explore the best solution.


Digital Transformation

We help clients with digital transformation strategies, mostly how to priorities digital transformation projects investments, and realise quicker returns on your investments.

How to rapidly improve your clients experience.

Achieving growth and impact with your digital strategy – retaining and growing current clients, and attracting new clients.

Investing in quick wins, that finally fund your digital strategy.

Positioning your business from 8H00 – 17H00, to a 24/7 operations, by looking at business processes that can function 24/7 through automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI) infusion in some of your processes.